Brent Willie

Advisory Board Member

Brent Willie brings a wealth of experience and expertise in construction and development to his role as an Advisory Board Member at Asvalo Real Estate. With a strong educational foundation, practical skills, and a proven record of success in the real estate industry.

Brent's journey in the construction industry began with his bachelor’s degree in construction management from Brigham Young University, where his solid academic background laid the groundwork for his future success.

Over the years, Brent has held various key positions that showcase his versatility and leadership abilities. He has experience with Clark Construction Group both as a Project Engineer and a Project Manager. As a Project Manager, he managed trades with subcontracts totaling $30 million, ensured timely payments, and oversaw the closeout of numerous subcontractors. Meanwhile, as a Project Engineer, he excelled in managing preconstruction budgets for projects, performed cost studies for various trades, and was instrumental in project setup and buyout. This experience makes his knowledge an amazing asset to the team at Asvalo Real Estate.

As an Advisory Board Member, Brent Willie brings a unique blend of industry insight, strategic thinking, and leadership prowess.